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June Covid toll tops 50,000 with 37% ‘backlog’ deaths | India News

NEW DELHI: Even as India’s second Covid-19 wave has been steadily declining since mid-May, more than 50,000 deaths from the virus have been reported in the first 16 days of June, making this month’s toll already the second highest after May’s.
However, the story of Covid deaths in June is a little complicated. In the 17 days of the month so far (with Thursday’s deaths added), the country’s coronavirus toll has increased by 52,538. Of these, at least 19,329 (37% of total) are “backlog” deaths — fatalities from a previous period added to the toll in June. Many of these deaths had occurred during April-May, or even earlier, and are being acknowledged only now.
In official records, there were over 1,19,000 fatalities in May (the highest Covid toll in any country for any month) and around 48,700 deaths in April. The backlog deaths are an acknowledgement, at least by some states, that the toll in these months was even higher than these numbers.
Maharashtra has declared by far the highest number of backlog deaths so far — at least 21,585 since May 17, of which 11,427 have been in June. Bihar has added 3,951 old deaths, all declared on June 9. Uttarakhand has announced close to 800 backdated deaths, most of these in May, and Punjab has added 163 between May 13 and 31.
India recorded 62,331 fresh cases and 1,182 deaths on Thursday, in addition to 400 old fatalities announced by Maharashtra. The daily numbers do not include data from Jharkhand, which couldn’t be accessed till past midnight. The day’s toll was the lowest recorded in the country in over months since April 14.



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