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MacBook Features: Five cool new features coming soon for MacBook users |

Apple unveiled the latest OS versions for its devices earlier this month at its annual developer conference. While a lot has been written and said about what’s coming to iPhones, the Mac too is getting a host of new cool features with macOS Monterey. Here we list out some features that will change the way you use your MacBook:

Sharing content with others will get easier

SharePlay is one of those features that is expected to work seamlessly across Apple devices, including MacBooks. So if you are on a FaceTime call then watching videos, listening to music with your friends/family will become easier. You can also share screen in an easier way if someone is having a problem with their Mac and want you to fix it.

A whole new browsing experience

If you are a Mac user then you Safari is probably the browser of your choice. With macOS Monterey, Apple is set to give an overhaul to Safari. Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention will stop sites from profiling users based on their IP addresses.
In terms of looks, the tabs on Safari will be more rounded whereas the menu bar colour will be the same as the background colour of the website you are on. With macOS Monterey it will be easier to group tabs on Safari as well.


Resetting your Mac will be easier

Prior to macOS Monterey, resetting a Mac was a real pain. It took a lot of time and effort to reset it. However, it is set to change with Apple giving you a simple erase all content option to Mac users — just like it’s there for iPhone and iPad.

Better battery management

The low-power mode — already in iPhone — will be coming to MacBook as well as iPad this year. Turning on low-power mode will help users conserve the battery of the MacBook.

New features coming to Notes

macOS Monterey will pack in new features in Notes to help users stay organised, collaborate, and create notes from anywhere. Quick Note is a new way for users to jot down notes on any app or website systemwide, making it easy to capture thoughts and ideas. Users can also add links from an app to their Quick Note to create context, even on a website in Safari.



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