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TOI loses senior graphic designer, co-workers mourned a beloved colleague’s passing | India News

Arpit Sharma, a senior member integral to the Times of India’s design section, passed away after complications before a liver transplant. He suffered from Covid a few months ago. His death has stunned every journalist who ever worked with him in his long career in TOI, Business World and India Today publications previously.
Colleagues will fondly remember the 43-year-old Arpit for his wry disposition, wicked humour and excellent map work. He loved designing, and did a marvellous job of all graphics that had anything to do with maps – from visualising the Doklam face-off to the McMahon line, from detailing every track for multi-column Delhi Metro layouts to perfecting the position of troops in a Pathankot attack, from understanding how to best map, for a newspaper, the Gadchiroli jungles to researching endless news reports to reproduce the Kenyan site of a terror attack spot on.
His love for Pakistan’s satire and witty serials was second only to his love of all things Indian military and any time he had work revolving around Indian troops, his eyes would shine. A political hound, Arpit never shied from fiery political debates, and delighted in prodding with humour those opposed to his political stand. At the end of all arguments would be a truce, a peace wrought by his unique wit.
He had a name for everyone. So, if a Nandita became Nandkishor bairagi, data journalist Atul was datadheesh, a Kenneth was Kenichi. Needless to add, he had select names for most seniors and editors.
Juniors could balk at his intimidating gruff exterior that an editor affectionately called all ‘pins and needles’, but everyone who worked half a day with him found the real Arpit – doting father to a little girl who loves to dance, dutiful son to a father with medical needs and a hardworking diligent dedicated journalist for whom factual error in his work was sacrilege. Any oversight on his watch was rare but if it happened, it would trouble him for long.
Arpit’s passing is a body blow to his family, friends and colleagues and the fraternity mourns the loss of an old school journalist. He leaves behind his wife and daughter, and ageing parents.



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