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Pakistan vows to quickly find abductors of Afghan envoy’s daughter

ISLAMABAD: Vowing to solve the conspiracy behind the abduction and torture of Afghan ambassador Najibullah Alikhil’s daughter “maybe tomorrow or the day after”, Pakistan’s interior minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said on Sunday that investigators were on the trail of the culprits after interrogating three taxi drivers who drove the victim to different places on Friday before she was briefly taken captive and assaulted.
“I want to inform the international media that the police are investigating the case pertaining to the Afghan ambassador’s daughter. The government registered an FIR on the kidnapping at 2am, as per PM Imran Khan’s directives,” Ahmed said at a presser in Islamabad.
He said the Afghan envoy’s daughter Selsela Alikhil had left home on foot and arrived at a market, from where she hailed a taxi to another destination. “From the market, she took a taxi to Khadda Market (G-7 Markaz, Islamabad) for shopping.”
According to the minister, security officials confirmed the route by examining footage from “safe-city cameras” installed in Islamabad.
From Khadda Market, the minister said, the ambassador’s daughter took another taxi to Rawalpindi, a garrison city next to Islamabad. “We also have footage of her getting out of a taxi at a Rawalpindi shopping mall,” he said, adding that a third driver drove her from Daman-e-Koh (a hilltop garden in Islamabad) to a park in Islamabad’s sector F-9 (Fatima Jinnah Park).
Ahmed said CCTV footage of her trip from Rawalpindi to Daman-e-Koh was missing and the matter was under investigation. He assured the media that the “puzzle” would soon be solved and all aspects of the case would be unearthed. “Statements of the three taxi drivers whose cars the ambassador’s daughter had used have been recorded,” the minister said.
He said the Afghan embassy was in touch with the government and cooperating in the investigation.
In a written statement submitted to the Pakistani authorities, Selsela said she was returning home in the afternoon by taxi after visiting Islamabad’s Blue Area when the driver picked up another man. The latter allegedly hurled abuses and then assaulted her. She was dumped unconscious by the roadside.



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