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Twitter Faceoff: ‘India’s own Watergate’, Netizens react to Pegasus leaks | India News

NEW DELHI. Pegasus, the spyware developed and sold to governments by Israel-based NSO Group, may have been used to conduct surveillance and hack the phones of 300 Indians and at least 37 journalists, activists from 10 nations, multiple news organizations reported on Sunday.

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Spyware Pegasus used to snoop on ministers, opposition, journalists, businessmen: Report

Spyware Pegasus, which is sold by the NSO Group of Israel, may have been used to conduct surveillance on about 300 Indians, including two serving Cabinet ministers at the Centre, three opposition leaders, a Constitutional authority, government officials, scientists and about 40 journalists,

The government on Sunday categorically denied any unauthorized surveillance saying official agencies have a well established protocol for interception, which includes sanction and supervision of highly ranked officials at the Centre and states for clearly stated reasons only in national interest.

The details of the snooping report created ripples on Twitter, with many comparing it with Watergate scandal involving former US president Richard Nixon.

‘PM is listening’

‘Lamest defense ever’

‘The expose is a damp squib’


‘Modi as PM is mockery of democracy’

‘2019 elections were not fair’

‘Attack on right to privacy’

‘GOI accepts it spied’

‘How come Rahul Gandhi knew beforehand’

‘Gandhis have a knack of snooping’

‘Government can’t run away from answers’

‘Snooping is priority’

‘Why no surveillance in Ladakh to stop Chinese army’

‘Investigation needed’

‘Role of NIA should be probed’

The most shocking bit

Why be a hypocrite

‘Is this Hinduphobia?’

‘Media is not showing truth’



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