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Govt’s lack of vision led to state’s losing their right to draw up own OBC lists: Congress | India News

NEW DELHI: The Centre did not heed repeated pleas by opposition leaders to ensure that states’ rights to draw up their own OBC list do not get trampled on with a constitutional amendment that okayed the setting up of an OBC Commission, Congress said on Saturday.
Minutes after BJP issued congratulatory messages thanking PM Modi for approving reservations for OBCs and EWS and for setting up the OBC Commission, Congress MP Abhishek Singhvi said the ruling parties’ claims would have been funny, if they did not have tragic consequences.
He accused the BJP of giving a “terrific spin” to a decision that assaulted the federal structure. “During the Parliamentary debate on the constitutional amendment in August 2018, speaker after speaker urged the government to ensure that the established power of the state to include names and make their own state list of OBCs should not go away,” Singhvi said.
He added that while ministers and ruling party MPs had agreed that it was not the government’s intention to take away states’ rights, in the end, the Centre’s “obstinacy” and “ failure to “write two lines clarifying that states would still draw their own list of OBCs into the law” led the Supreme Court to interpret it as allowing only one OBC list to be maintained by the Centre.
Singhvi also said that while the government may now bring a legislation to “rectify” a decision that “cuts away at the root” of the federal structure, the BJP, instead of issuing a clarification, was hiding its guilt by issuing self-congratulatory statements lauding the Prime Minister for doing much for the backward classes.
He also said Congress will, like it had done earlier, extend its support to a legislation in this direction.
BJP would have been taking about sending in the Army or imposing President’s Rule to tackle the border impasse in Assam and Mizoram if one of the two states were non-BJP ruled, Congress said on Saturday.
Pointing to the “double standards” by the ruling dispensation, Congress MP and spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said the Congress was a responsible opposition party that wants “peace and quiet” and is restraining itself, as a result.
“But, it is unthinkable that two states in India are virtually at war with each other, lives are being lost, and homilies and preaching is happening just because at least one of them is a full BJP government. These hypocritical double standards need to be exposed. This reflects the complete failure of the Central Government. This is not a new issue, but a conflagration like this has not occurred before. How could things reach a stage where people are shooting at each other,” Singhvi asked.



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