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Bhavish Aggarwal: Outsourcing tech jobs from India to US may be cheaper |

After suggesting Tesla and Hyundai to ‘build in India’ and not ask for import tax exemptions from Indian government, Ola founder Bhavish Aggarwal feels outsourcing tech jobs from Bengaluru to San Francisco, US is cheaper. Commenting on tech hiring in Bengaluru, Aggarwal tweeted, “Engineering hiring situation in Bengaluru – thinking of offshoring some work to a lower cost center in SF, Bay Area.” He did not reveal any details as to what kind of processes or business units will be less ‘resource-intensive’ in San Francisco.

This tweet by him is in sharp contrast to what he had said last week while criticising both Tesla and Hyundai for lobbying for a drastic reduction in import duties on electric vehicles (EVs) in India. Aggarwal had hit back by saying that he “strongly disagrees” with the thought that reducing taxes, and import duties will help increase the demand for EVs in India and also generate revenue for the government.

“Let’s have confidence in our ability to build indigenously and also attract global OEMs to build in India, not just import. We won’t be the first country to do so,” tweeted Aggarwal last week.
While Tesla is attempting to start selling its cars in India from this year, Ola has just entered the electric vehicles space in India with its Ola Electric scooter. As per a report by Reuters, Tesla in a letter to ministries and Niti Aayog said that slashing government taxes on imports of fully assembled electric cars to 40% would be more appropriate. Minister for Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari is said to have expressed interest in offering tax incentives if Tesla decides to make cars in India.
Aggarwal’s tweet on the tech hiring situation in Bengaluru drew criticism in Twitter questioning him as to how the ‘dollar-rupee’ comparison works out for him while hiring good tech talent when other companies are looking at India for an affordable workforce.



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