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Reliance Jio launches Study Mode for students: How it works, what it includes and more

Reliance Jio’s web browser JioPages has got support for a new feature called Study Mode that aims to facilitate distraction free screen time for students to study. The company says that as more and more students are studying from home, it is increasingly becoming challenging for everyone to attend online classes. The Study Mode joins the Standard Mode and Incognito Mode that are already present in the JioPages web browser.
How does Study Mode work?
Jio says that the Study Mode is able to make it possible for students to make use of TVs at home for their online classes. According to the company this is better than studying through laptops or smartphones as it becomes difficult for parents to continuously monitor the child’s activities on them.
What do you get in JioPages Study Mode?
The Study Mode includes curated videos which are organised class-wise in different tabs. Further, users also get subject wise channel suggestions for every class in this mode. It gives users the option to add subjects as their favourite for quick access. The Study Mode comes with not only quick links for popular education websites as well as a default ad blocker.
How to use Study Mode on Jio Pages?
In order to use the Study Mode, users first need access to Jio Pages. The Jio Set-Top-Box comes pre-installed with JioPages. As for other Android TV users, they will have to download it from Google Play Store.
When anyone uses the JioPages app for the first time. They will be asked to select their preferred mode from Standard, Incognito or Study Mode. For repetitive users, there will be an option to switch between modes from the switch mode icon in the address bar.
Reliance JioPages web browser
Reliance Jio’s web browser, JioPages is claimed to be focused on data-privacy and said to give users full control of their information. It comes with features like personalised home screen, customised content based on language, topic and region and content in eight Indian languages — Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali.



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