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Panun urges UT govt and government of India to take seriously the developments in Afghanistan | India News

JAMMU: Expressing concerns over the recent developments in Afghanistan, the Panun Kashmir- an organisation representing Kashmiri pandit migrants, on Sunday appealed to the UT government and GoI to take seriously the developments in Afghanistan.
addressing a joint press conference here toady Dr Agnishekher, Convener and Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman, Panun Kashmir said, “Already a sinister campaign has started to project the withdrawal of US forces as the defeat of an alliance lead by a second superpower at the hands of Jihad.”
“We caution the UT government as well as GoI to be extremely alert about the dangerous fall out of situation in Afghanistan in Jammu and Kashmir and rest of India, they said.
Recalleing from Past, the Chairman, Panun Kashmir Dr Ajay Chrungoo said, “When in early 2000 the Taliban was being dislodged its indoctrination machine moved into Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir and many places into rest of India to inject Takfiri Jihad into local Muslim organisations. In Jammu and Kashmir Ghazwa-i-Hind surfaced with brazen impunity.”
“It was this time that GoI blissfully ignorant about the preparation for new harvest of local Jihadis indulged in arriving at political deals with separatists controlled by the Jihadi enterprise.”
Dr Chrungoo said, “Similar and perhaps the worst dangers are now looming large on the horizon. Government should shun all delusions which it has embraced during previous regimes and dismantle the indoctrination apparatus of Jihadis in Kashmir, Jammu and rest of India.”
Panun leader said, “We once again reiterate that GoI and UT government in J&K have to address the issue of Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir, abandon the policies of Denial of Genocide and move towards building a new political and administrative environment rather than taking steps for restoration of status quo as local regional parties, Congress as well as Pakistan have enunciated.”
Panun Kashmir leader urged the Lt Governor of J&K to reexamine the content of the return and rehabilitation policies with regard to internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir over the years and recognize that such policies were never meant for their permanent sustainable return.
“Such police only aimed at handing them over to a social and political order that perpetrated Genocide against them,” said Panun leadership said, “Treating the Hindu employees of PM package as second class citizens is not merely a dereliction but a crime.” “Policy of their return essentially treats them as bonded laborers prying on their destitution. Their normal rights as employees of the government are gravely compromised.”
Further they reiterated that the creation of a centrally administered UT of Panun Kashmir east and north of river Vitasta (Jhelum) is the only way for sustainable return of Indian civilization and exiled Hindus to Kashmir.
“It is also a geopolitical necessity to push back Jihad from the Himalayan regions of the Northern frontier of India, Panuan leadership underlined.



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