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These are some of the highest paying jobs at Microsoft

Securing a job at big tech companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon is quite an aspiration for many professionals. Not only because of the prestige but they also pay handsome salaries and some even offer enviable perks. But which are the jobs that pay most at these companies? A report by Business Insider highlights what jobs fetch fat salaries at Microsoft. Companies are required to reveal information about salary among other things when they hire foreign workers on H1-B visa which gives an insight on how much big tech companies pay their employees.
Further, Business Insider did an analysis of more than 1,400 employees on foreign worker visas in 2020 to find out which roles pay the most salary. The analysis involved looking at roles that pay $1,75,000 or more at the high end of the pay scale.
According to the report, the highest salary its analysis found was for a channel sales manager. The salary earned by a channel sales manager is somewhere around $250,000 (Rs 1.83 crore). Also, do note that this isn’t an average salary for a sales manager at Microsoft but the highest-paying one.
Apart from sales managers, software engineers and researchers are amongst the highest paying jobs at Microsoft. The highest salary for these two jobs wasn’t mentioned in the report.These figures are based on the data analysed for 2020. The salary structure at companies like Microsoft often includes equity options and bonuses.
The report further sheds light on how competitive are Microsoft’s salaries when compared to other companies. As per an internal Microsoft survey, 55% of employees said that their salary, bonus was competitive with similar roles at other companies. This number was down from 65% in 2017, adds the report.



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