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Apple decides to drop new Safari bookmark end-to-end encryption

Apple introduced end-to-end encryption for bookmarks in Safari at the beginning of this month. Now it has reportedly decided to drop this additional protection.
Earlier this month, Apple’s support documentation was updated to show that Safari bookmarks had been updated to have the same end-to-end encryption like Apple Card transactions and even Memoji.
However, the same documentation has removed the update and bookmarks are again listed as encrypted only “in transit & on server.”
AppleInsider reports that neither change was actually announced by Apple. So it is possible that the documentation was updated in error which has now been rectified.
End-to-end encryption would have improved security as iCloud synced bookmarks between a user’s device. Apple’s own documentation describes end-to-end encryption as providing “the highest level of data security.”
However, at the initial stage, Apple noted that there are still a few features that are currently not end-to-end encrypted such as backup, Calendars, Contacts, iCloud drives, Notes, Photos, Reminders, Siri Shortcuts, Voice Memos and Wallet passes.
Safari is an Apple graphical web browser that is based mostly on open-source software assets, most notably WebKit. It first appeared in Mac OS X Panther in 2003 and was later added to the iPhone and iPod Touch in 2007 with iPhone OS.
Apple and other tech giants have consistently been under pressure to drop end-to-end encryption entirely from the local governments. It will give the government and law enforcement access to all data.



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