Anubis replaces one of Counter-Strike’s most iconic maps in a massive CS:GO update

Just a week after Outsiders hoisted the IEM trophy at the Rio Major, Valve dropped a bombshell CS:GO fans with some huge changes to the game. Map changes in the active duty pool and even some weapon modifications await you CS:GO fans in the new update.

Another titan of Counterattack leave the active pool of cards. After checking out cards like Cache and Cobblestone on the bench for the likes of Vertigo and Ancient, it was only a matter of time for Dust II. Starting today, Anubis steps into the spotlight to replace one of the most iconic CS cards of all time. Many fans speculated about Dust II’s departure, especially after the map received less favorable reviews for the update more than a year ago. What’s interesting about the switch is that Valve teased the idea of ​​Anubis entering competitive play earlier in the day. Valve also made it clear in their post that the upcoming 2023 Paris Major was in mind when making this change. Dust II will still be available in competitive modes, but will not be in the map pool for any professional CS:GO tournaments.

This won’t be the first time Dust II has been pulled from the active card pool. In late 2017, Valve ripped out the classic map for Inferno, a map now highly regarded among the Counterattack community. Dust II’s departure was short-lived, however, as the map returned to competitive play just half a year later in April 2018, replacing Cobblestone. Dust II received a visual update during its time off active duty before returning. Players will have to wait and see if that pattern repeats itself again.

The other big changes coming to the November 18 update are weapon updates. For starters, it looks like Valve is actually taking a page out of Riot Games’ book with its changes to the AWP. The big green can now only hold five rounds per magazine, similar to the Operator in VALORANT. This change obviously forces sniper players Counterattack to be much more aware of every shot taken in the future.

The other weapon receiving changes is the M4A1-S, which is getting a light grain. The A1-S has long been the weapon of choice over its louder brother, the A4, despite the fact that it holds ten fewer rounds per magazine. Part of that was due to the accuracy of the A1s, especially at long ranges. That long-range accuracy is exactly what Valve is changing, making the muffled M4 less reliable at distance.

It’s a minor update from Valve, but one that will have a monumental impact on CS:GO heading to 2023.

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