French YouTuber says he felt ‘uncomfortable’ at Vietnamese wedding he crashed in viral video

A French travel content creator who shared a video of him crashing a Vietnamese wedding drew disapproval from internet users.

In his now-deleted TikTok video titled “How I entered a Vietnamese wedding without being invited,” Alwin GC (@alwingc) clearly states that he was not invited to the wedding, but is requesting entry because he is “French” and a “YouTuber.” Upon entering, Alwin explains how uncomfortable he was as “the only white person” and “the only foreigner”.

“I came in and then everyone looked at me […] like I felt so uncomfortable,” he says.

Between the guests and the couple, Alwin stands at the main stage to photograph the bride and groom up close. Meanwhile, Alwin continues to express his discomfort at the wedding, saying that he “didn’t really know what to do” and “no one seemed to invite me to their table”.

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Finally, Alwin decides to ask via Google Translate if he can take a seat at a guest table. After his request is accepted, he emphasizes how he “eaten so much food[,] fried food […] we tried so many different things and then of course we drank together.

While Alwin’s original video has been removed from his page — on which he has more than 500,000 followers and 9.6 million likes — people have commented on reposts shared on TikTok.

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On TikTok, user @queerlamp sewed his video and wrote: “I bet you wouldn’t do this at a white American wedding if you came to the US, you are a French man who felt entitled enough to enter a Vietnamese wedding fall, you ate their food they bought for their INVITED guests. Ofc no one invited you to their table, YOU ARE A STRANGE MAN INVITING HIMSELF TO A WEDDING.

The sentiments are echoed by TikTok user @srirachalesbian, who proclaims the “right of white men in Southeast Asia”. @srirachalesbian implies the history of French colonization in Vietnam: “The way you people swear you’re not like your ancestors (your literal grandparents) and then act like it.”

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The negative response to Alwin’s video also spread to Reddit, where the video was uploaded to the r/VietNam and r/ActLikeYouBelong subreddits.

“He doesn’t even act like he belongs,” one Reddit user noticed. “He just stumbled around and howled with politeness.”

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In response another commenter wrote, “Worse, he takes advantage of cultural differences in politeness. I don’t think they would have felt they could ask him to leave. Imagine going to a loved one’s wedding and looking forward to catching up with your relatives – and then you have this asshole using google translate to comment on every bite he takes. ugh.”

In another reply to the Reddit post, a user offers a simple solution: “‘I wasn’t invited, I didn’t really know what to do’ Leave you f*cking assh*le.”

Featured image via @alwingc

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