iBuyPower Gaming RDY SLMBG218 PC Review

System builder iBuyPower is an old hand at assembling gaming PCs. So it is well known that not all gamers are the same and some want a slot machine that can also handle more serious tasks. Such is the Gaming RDY SLMBG218 (opens in new tab) (he really stumbles off the tongue) bucks the trend of focusing on the graphics card, and goes big on processing power instead, opting to give Intel’s Core i7 12700F room to show off.

If you’re not quite up to date with your Intel processor generations then it’s worth highlighting what the Core i7 12700F actually is. As the naming suggests, this is a 12th generation Intel processor, using Intel’s Alder Lake hybrid architecture (opens in new tab). You’re looking at eight Performance cores working alongside four Efficient cores for a total of 20 threads.

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