MultiVersus Season 2 to add Marvin the Martian as a playable character

Marvin the Martian will participate MultiVersus as part of the second season of content, which begins today, publisher Warner Bros. Games and developer Player First Games announced. A release date for the character has not been announced.

A new Game of Thronesthemed map is also scheduled for release in Season 2.

Here’s the full rundown of everything announced for Season 2 so far, via the MultiVersus official website:

  • New characters – New additions to the roster are incredibly exciting, so we thought we’d tease you a bit with one of the new characters joining the MultiVersus selection in season 2! Hailing from the planet Mars and sent to destroy Earth with his Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator, Marvin the Martian will soon make his way to MultiVersus, in yet another fruitless attempt to claim victory. We’ll have more info on Marvin and his kit soon, so hang in there!
  • New card – Winter is coming… and with it a new map! That’s right, in Season 2 we’re introducing a brand new one Game of Thrones themed map with all the dangers and pitfalls you are used to from the land of Westeros. Soon you’ll be able to hurl your opponents away from the Iron Throne while humming an all-new remix of the awesome Game of Thrones theme music composed with multiple sections that can transition dynamically depending on the chaos taking place in the match. When you the Game of Thrones card, you win or you… fall off the card.
  • Network and latency improvements – Since the launch of Open Beta we have made many optimizations MultiVersus to improve performance. We recently implemented multi-path network traffic acceleration to improve stability and latency, which will lead to a vastly improved online experience for players around the world. This is just the beginning and we will continue to invest and improve in this area. This is a priority for us and the team is hard at work making the online experience great!
  • New battle pass – We are happy to share some information about our Season 2 Battle Pass, which is packed with new badges, icons/profile icons, banners and taunts for you to unlock and enjoy! Season 2 features fun new character variants to collect across both the free and premium tracks, such as Baker Street Tom & Jerry and Astronaut Velma. If Ringouts is your thing, we’re also adding some new additions like Toxic Explosion and Lava Breath that will demoralize your opponents in the flashiest way possible.

Read the full patch notes for the latest update here.

MultiVersus is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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