‘No energy to get out of bed’ – Shraddha Walkar’s ‘WhatsApp chats’ from 2020 reveal sexual assault

New Delhi: While a picture of Shraddha Walkar, with bruises on her face, has been doing the rounds on social media, alleged WhatsApp chats between her and some acquaintances from 2020 have revealed that she has reportedly been beaten up many times by her boyfriend, Aftab Poonawalla.

Poonawalla is now accused of killing 27-year-old Walkar in Delhi where they had a live-in relationship, chopping her body into 35 parts and dumping them in the Mehrauli jungle.

In a November 24, 2020 WhatsApp chat seen by ThePrint, Walkar allegedly told an acquaintance at her job that she “won’t make it because of all the beating”. She also mentions that her blood pressure was low and her body ached.

Walkar goes on to say that she has no energy to get out of bed because of the “knock”. However, the screenshot of the chat does not mention Poonawalla.

“So everything was settled after he went to his parents’ house. He’s moving today. And I won’t make it today because all the beating yesterday made me think my BP is low and my body hurts. Energy nahi bachi he bed se uthne ki. I also have to make sure he leaves today,” she read in her message.

“Sincere apologies for the trouble I’ve caused you and the way it’s impacted your work,” it read.

Rahul Rai, Walkar’s friend, had told The print rather that he took her to the Mumbai Police sometime around October-November 2020, after Poonawalla allegedly beat her, but she refused to take any further action against him.

According to the police and Shraddha’s family and friends, she met Poonawalla in 2019 through a dating app. Both left their home to live together in Mumbai.

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‘We are all with you’

In another WhatsApp chat, an acquaintance tells Shraddha, “Don’t be afraid. We are all with you, what’s your husband’s name.

“I’ll do something in the meantime,” the acquaintance tells her, sharing another person’s contact number, saying he was the closest person to her location. Walkar replies by sending an image of himself. And to this the person replies: “Baccha (Child) don’t be afraid. We are all with you.”

In another WhatsApp chat, Walkar says, “It’s going to take a while. I have to do some rounds to the police station in a while, so I can’t come today. Walkar is asked to meet the ‘Mahila Mandal people’ in reply and leave the house.

When Walkar shared her photo with another friend during a chat, the latter asks: “Jesus, what happened to your nose love? Fallen or something?” Shraddha replied that she broke it while falling down the stairs.

According to Delhi Police sources, Poonawalla said during interrogation that the couple had a strained relationship and had frequent arguments. On the day of the alleged crime, the duo fought after Walkar suspected him of infidelity and wanted him to go to Mumbai to get their things. According to sources, the couple allegedly fought over who would spend money to go to Mumbai.

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