NZXT Streaming Plus BLD Kit review gaming PC

The NZXT Streaming Plus BLD Kit (opens in new tab) isn’t your typical out-of-the-box gaming PC. You end up with an absolute monster of a machine, don’t fret, but it’s not as easy as most gaming systems. There are pluses and minuses to NZXT’s thinking here, and NZXT does indeed offer more traditional builds for potential buyers, but this doesn’t feel like too much for most PC gamers.

As the name suggests, this is a full PC kit rather than a pure pre-built. Everything you need for a fully functioning machine is there, but unlike most machines, you have to put this together yourself. In many ways, it’s similar to building a PC from scratch, something many PC gamers do, but NZXT has taken the hard work out of component selection. This means you won’t get stuck halfway through the build because a cable is too short, you don’t have enough cooling or because your graphics card just doesn’t fit.

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