South Carolina 400 Results: November 19, 2022 (Florence)

Dale Earnhardt Jr runs the famous event at Florence Motor Speedway

Florence Motor Speedway is a 4/10 mile asphalt oval in chilly Timmonsville, SC. Tonight the famous South Carolina 400 will take place at the track.

Check out the full 2022 South Carolina 400 results below.

South Carolina 400
November 18 | November 19

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has achieved his goal of making the show and will start from 27th position. Sam Yarbrough and Mason Diaz line up the front row. 200 laps of racing with late models are next…

South Carolina 400
Phase 1 – Report

Laps: 75 (1-75 / 200)

Green flag, they run side by side into the first corner. Yarbrough wins the race in turn two on the inside lane. Matt Cox follows him through to take the 2nd road.

In round 8 Conner Jones works to the right rear of Yarbrough. He drives past to take the lead!

Lap 10, several cars tangle and go over the corner at turn two. Caution is out.

Green, Jones and Yarbrough run side-by-side into the first turn. Yarbrough regains the lead on the inside lane.

On lap 22, Jones continues to work on the outside lane. He works his way to the right rear of Yarbrough and returns to the lead of the race.

Round 25

Lap 25, caution as a hood is on the track.

Green, Yarbrough and Jones run side-by-side into the first corner again. Jones wins the battle through the outside lane as most of the leaders run the inside lane after him.

On lap 40, Dexter Canipe and Katie Hettinger fight for space in the first turn. Canipe bounces off the inner wall, ripping the front off. Eleven cars get caught in the first corner! Dale Earnhardt Jr is able to stop just short of the accident scene and he drives off without a scratch as the crowd cheers.

Green, Connor Jones and Ryan Millington run side-by-side into the first turn. A few laps later, Jones wins the battle on the outside track.

On lap 60, Matt Cox works to the inside of Jones in the battle for the lead. He noses ahead at the line. Several laps later, Cox finally cleared Jones to take the lead of the race.

Matt Cox wins the first stage of the South Carolina 400!

Florence Motor Speedway Results (Stage 1): 1. Matt Cox; 2. Sam Yarbrough; 3.Connor Jones; 4.Matthew Craig; 5. Zack Miracle; 6.Ryan Millington; 7.Carson Kvapil; 8.Mark Wertz; 9. Bricklayer Diaz; 10. Kaden Honeycutt; (Note: Dale Earnhardt Jr. – 18th)

South Carolina 400
Phase 2 – Report

Laps: 75 (76-150/200)

The whole field enters the pit lane. The field is frozen as teams make adjustments and change tires.

Green flag on stage two, Cox and Yarbrough run side by side for the lead into turn one. Cox holds the lead on the inside while Yarbrough pulls up right on his rear bumper.

Lap 85, Cox flushes off the bottom lane. Yarbrough fills the gap and he returns to the lead.

On lap 100, Connor Jones quickly drops through the field.

Lap 120, Yarbrough has a lot of lap traffic. Cox is all over his bumper.

On lap 125, Dale Earnhardt Jr has broken into the top 10.

Lap 135, Averitt Lucas spins and the caution is out.

Green, Yarbrough and Cox run side-by-side into the first turn as they pull away from No. 3, Carson Kvapil. Laps later, Yarbrough completes the pass to hold onto the lead.

Kaden Honeycutt misses the bottom as he runs under Mason Diaz for 4th and Honeycutt spins into turn three. Several drivers spin after them and the warning is out!

Sam Yarbrough wins the second leg because it ends under yellow!

Florence Motor Speedway Results (Stage 2): 1. Sam Yarbrough; 2. Matt Cox; 3. Carson Kvapil; 4. Jacob Heafner; 5. Dale Earnhardt Jr; 6. Brendan Queen; 7.Doug Barnes; 8.Matthew Craig; 9.Casey Kelly; 10. Landon Pembleton;

South Carolina 400
Phase 3 – Report

Laps: 50 (151-200 / 200)

The field returns to the pit lane for the last time as positions are frozen. It’s the last chance for tires and adjustments.

Green flag on the final leg, Cox and Yarbrough run side-by-side into the first corner. Cox is clear through the outside lane.

With 44 to go, Queen moves Eaarnhardt Jr off the inside lane and takes the spot away.

With 37 to go, 12-year-old Tristan McKee slams into the inside wall after Ryan Glenski jacks him up on the front stretch and the caution is out. After the incident, Glenski parks himself.

Upon reaching the green, Jacob Heafner pulls out of line from 4th and issues a caution.

Punishment: Heafner thought he had a flat tire. The crew changed the tyre, but the official stated that the tire was not flat.

Green, Yarbrough pulls Cox out of turn two!

With 36 to go, Anthony Adams is off the track and the caution is out.

Green, Yarbrough is clear in the first turn. Cox and Kvapil rub fenders for 2nd place, Kvapil wins that battle while Cox collects it.

With 33 to go, Mason Diaz is working inside Earnhardt Jr for 5th. Diaz was attacked from behind after the crash at the end of the second stage.

25 more to go

With 25 to go, Yarbrough pulls away from the rest of the field. He hurries his way through the circular traffic.

20 to go, Diaz leans on Kvapil’s bumper and takes 3rd away.

With 18 to go, Doug Barnes and Brandon Pierce get mixed up and the caution is out.

Green, Yarbrough and Cox rub fenders for the first turn lead! Cox leads while Diaz takes away 2nd.

17 to go, Diaz looks into Cox for the lead into turn three. Cox tries to close the door, but it’s already there. They make light contact, Cox is sideways, and Diaz charges across the field to take the lead!

13 to go, Dale Earnhardt Jr spins Cox into turn two, caution.

Penalty: Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been penalized and he has forced the back of the field.

Green, Diaz and Yarbrough run side-by-side for the lead. A lap later, Diaz gets loose on the inside, but he keeps on the throttle as they rub through the doors for the lead.

11 to go, Diaz rubs Yarbrough wide out of turn two. Yarbrough nearly spins into the grass and the warning is out.

Yarbrough pulls gently next to Diaz. The two drivers carefully rub doors.

According to the rules, Yarbrough will restart 2nd because he never completely spun. Timing goes back to the previous round.

Green, Yarbough drives him deep into turn two. Diaz crosses under him and takes over the lead.

12 to go

With 12 to go, Yarbrough hits Diaz’s bumper in turn three. Diaz spins and the alert is off.

Punishment: Yarbrough is sent to the back.

Mason Diaz has parked his car in the front lot. “They can tow my car,” Diaz said.

Green, Kvapil and Brendan Queen rub through the doors for the lead.

Queen wins the battle for the lead. Zack Miracle and Kvapil connect for 2nd place. Miracle goes sideways and several cars are collected, watch out.

Green with 9 to go, Queen and Kvapil run side by side into the first corner. Queen wins the battle through the outside lane out of turn two.

5 more to go, Woman leads Kvapil by 1 car length.

With 3 to go, Dale Earnhardt Jr is going wild on the bumps under Landon Pembleton. Pembleton is running and the warning is off.

Penalty: Dale Earnhardt Jr. is sent back for the second time.

Green, Queen and Kvapil even run into the first turn and out of the second. Queen takes him out of turn four! Kvapil folds onto his bumper.

1 more to go, Woman has opened the hole.

Brendan Queen wins the South Carolina 400 at Florence Motor Speedway!

South Carolina 400
Racing results
Florence Motor Speedway
November 19, 2022

The following includes the Late Model Stock division:


1. Sam Yarbrough; 2. Bricklayer Diaz; 3. Landon Pembleton; 4. Matt Cox; 5. Kaden Honeycutt; 6.Doug Barnes; 7. Zack Miracle; 8. Conner-Jones; 9.Carson Kvapil; 10.Ryan Millington;

11.Mark Wertz; 12. Matt Craig; 13.Katie Hettinger; 14.Trent Barnes; 15. Cody Kelly; 16. Jacob Heafner; 17. Brendan Queen; 18.Justin Hicks; 19. Casey Kelly; 20. Right Wing Canipe Jr;

21. Riley Gentry; 22.Tristian McKee; 23.Justin Whitaker; 24.Michael Bumgarner; 25.Landon Huffmann; 26. Dale Earnhardt Jr; 27. Brandon Penetrates; 28. Heather Cause; 29. Isabella Robusto; 30. Quay Brown;

31.Justin Milliken; 32. Ryley Music; 33.Bryant Barnhill; 34.Ryan Glenski; 35.Ross Dalton; 36.Whitney Meggs; 37.Anthony Adams; 38. Blaise Brinkley; 39. Austin Somero; 40.Jamie York; 41. Jamie Weatherford; 42. Averit Lucas;

Main event

200 laps | $12,000 to win

1. Brendan Queen
2. Carson Kvapil
3. Isabella Rubusto
4.Cody Kelly
5.Matthew Craig
6.Bryant Barnhill
7. Doug Barnes
8. BooBoo Dalton
9. Dale Earnhardt Jr
10. Casey Kelly
11. Heath Raising
12. Averit Lucas
13. Landon Pembleton
14. Quay Brown
15.Anthony Adams
16.Justin Whitaker
17. Riley Gentry
18.Brandon Pierce
19.Whitney Meggs
20. Sam Yarbrough
21. Zack Wonder
22.Connor Jones
23. Bricklayer Diaz
24. Matt Cox
25.Katie Hettinger
26. Jacob Heafner
27.Tristan McKee
28.Ryan Glenski
29.Mark Wertz
30. Kaden Honeycutt
31.Justin Milliken
32.Ryan Millington
33.Austin Somero
34.Michael Bumgarner
35.Blaise Brinkley
36. Dexter Canipe Jr
37.Trent Barnes
38. Landon Huffman
39.Jamie York
40.Justin Hicks
41. Ryley Music
42. Jamie Weatherford


Florence Motor Speedway

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