Valorant patch 5.10 notes: Cypher & Harbor buffs, Fade nerf, more

Published: 2022-11-15T14:00:00

Updated: 2022-11-15T11:12:06

Valorant patch 5.10 is here with some balancing changes for different agents and to top it off, Riot has also released a brand new communication feature. Keep reading to learn all about the latest update in Valorant.

Update 5.10 is the second patch in Episode 5 Act 3, and it goes without saying that Riot has made quite a few changes to balance out different agents in Valorant. Apart from that, the new real-time disruptive text detection system is also being released for the North American region before being made available for other regions.

Since several agents have been affected by this patch, it remains to be seen how the in-game meta forms in Valorant before the end of Episode 5. Let’s take a look for a detailed overview of all the changes released with update 5.10.

patch highlights for Valorant update 5.10Riot games

Here are the patch highlights for update 5.10 in Valorant.

Valorant 5.10 Patch Notes

Valorant update 5.10 is quite a bigger update with quite a few changes in addition to the release of a brand new feature. While most of the Agent changes are implemented to refresh the in-game meta, the new real-time text detection system is sure to give a big boost to the quality of life in Valorant.

While the feature will only be released for the North American region at first, Riot has confirmed that other regions will receive this in-game tool with future updates. However, there is no word from the developers on when this might happen.

Here is the full list of changes in Valorant update 5.10 from the official patch notes.

Agent updates


  • Fall wire
    • Maximum Trapwire length increased by 1000 >>> 1500.
  • Neural theft
    • now reveals enemies twice. There is a four-second delay between the revelations.
    • The time limit to cast on enemy corpses has been removed.
    • Max casting distance increased by 1200 >>> 1800.
  • Quality of life
    • Updated the yellow silhouette used for the reveal of Cypher on Spycam and Neural Theft.
    • The yellow silhouette now disappears when the revealed enemy becomes visible to you to reduce confusion when you see two representations of the enemy in different places.
    • The yellow silhouette now becomes fainter and fades faster to better distinguish it from a real enemy.
    • Cypher’s seeded utility is no longer destroyed by AOE damage from allies.

To fade

  • prowlers
    • Duration reduced from 3 >>> 2.5 seconds. (Time the prowler lives without a trace).
    • Delay at bite after reaching target increased by 0.4 >>> 0.6 seconds.
    • Hitbox improvements.
    • Myopia duration on hit reduced by 3.5 >>> 2.75 seconds.
    • Prowlers now hiss out and no longer debuff in place of their target if they teleport away before the animation completes.
  • Nightfall


  • Cascade
    • Number of costs to buy 1 >>> 2

Gameplay system updates

Real-time text evaluation (North America only to start)

  • In addition to our existing interventions, we are launching a new feature to begin muting players in chat who send disruptive in-game text messages. Disruptive text interventions will now be applied sooner rather than later as we continue to update our systems to evaluate more types of text communication.
  • These enhancements will be added to North America first and expanded to more regions in the near future.

Social updates

  • Fixed an issue where the “Automatically decline friend requests: on” notification was misaligned in the social panel for some languages.




  • Fixed a bug where Astra could eject a fake nebula at the start of a round before her star recharged.


  • Fixed a bug where Chamber failed to equip a weapon at the start of a new round.


  • Fixed an issue where Harbor’s Cascade was visible on the minimap to enemies who had a vision of it.
  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s Cascade would sometimes spawn under the map.
  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s Cascade targeter on the minimap would shorten when aiming up or down, even though the Cascade would travel the same distance.
  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s Cascade targeter on the minimap was slightly shorter than the actual distance it would travel.


  • Fixed a bug where Neon’s Slide could be used to boost up on specific map locations.

So there you have it, that’s all that’s included in the Valorant update 5.10 patch notes. For more information on the game, check out our other Valorant content:

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